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Ask Polly Archive (New York Magazine’s The Cut, 2014-Present)

Shame: An Explainer (Man Repeller, 6.8.16)

When The Powerful Cry “Bully” (The New York Times Magazine, 4.26.16)


Mourning Prince (New York Magazine’s The Cut, 4.23.16)

Sue Klebold and the Truth About Normal Parents (New York Magazine’s The Cut, 3.4.16)


What Romance Really Means After 10 Years of Marriage (New York Magazine’s The Cut, 2.16.16)


The Flowers of Romance (Bookforum, 3.16)

Male-Order Brides (Bookforum, 1.16)

Amy Cuddy’s ‘Presence’ and Shonda Rhimes’s ‘Year of Yes’ (The New York Times Sunday Book Review, 12.28.15)

We Are Pregnant! (New York Magazine’s The Cut, 10.13.15)

’How to Raise an Adult’ by Julie Lythcott-Haims (The New York Times Sunday Book Review, 6.15.15)

Mother of Dragons (The New Yorker, 5.23.15)

How To Write (The Awl, 5.5.15)

Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness? (The New York Times Magazine, 10.14.14)

How To Contact The Author (The New Yorker, 9.8.14)

794 Ways In Which BuzzFeed Reminds Us of Impending Death (The New York Times Magazine, 7.3.14)

Stop Blaming ‘Jaws’! (The New York Times Magazine, 8.1.13)

Some ‘Girls’ Are Better Than Others (The New York Times Magazine, 4.12.12)

How to Be a Pioneer Woman Without Ever Leaving the Couch (The New York Times Magazine, 3.16.12)

Magically Resistant to the Ego-Bloating Properties of Hollywood Life (The New York Times Magazine, 7.22.11)

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